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Video: Reach your creative potential with a BFA in Game Art or Animation!
Play Video about Video: Reach your creative potential with a BFA in Game Art or Animation!

Play your way into your future. The ability to combine imagination, technology, and creative thinking and turn it into an unforgettable virtual experience is a powerful thing. As a game artist, you’ll have that power to deliver a transformative experience to someone’s life in a format they choose, but you get to create.

space ship
space ship

Program Overview

As an online student in the Game Art Program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of game art from character design and development to motion studies and animated storytelling. Online instructors who are practicing industry professionals will teach you essential technical skills to help you bring your creations to life. 

You’ll graduate ready to take on the exciting gaming industry with confidence and the ability to deliver exceptional visual narratives that will set you apart as an artist.

Computer program featuring an interactive 3D space being designed for a video game.
Game Art heroine playing a game she designed.
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Program Highlights

3D Modeling

Students develop skills to equip them for entry level 3D modeling work at various studios.

Visual Storytelling

Students demonstrate understanding of narrative + visual storytelling fundamentals, cinematic form, and coherent delivery.

Environment Design

Students create environments using 2D/3D tools for use in still renderings or animated sequences.


Students create appropriate lighting for 3D scenes or replicate lighting to be used in 2D animation, represented by the application of traditional lighting and shading techniques. 

Character Rigging

Students demonstrate a fundamental understanding of rigging principles and how they would be applied into an animated sequence.

Texture Mapping

Students create appropriate textures for the shot, whether realistic or stylized. 


Students demonstrate a solid foundational knowledge of the principles of animation.

Observational Drawing

Students demonstrate strong drawing, composition, anatomy, color and perspective skills.

Credits pie chart for the Game Art Bachelor of Fine Arts program. 48 credits in game art, 30 credits in liberal arts, 24 credits in foundations, 15 credits in art history, and 6 credits in studio electives for a total of 123 credits.

Online Degree Requirements

To ensure our online Game Art students get a well-rounded education, RMCAD has designed an online curriculum that expertly merges artistic and technical courses to teach the true mechanics and analysis of game art, while making sure students are also introduced to everything from the graphics of game art to creative and technical writing. After all, a good video game tells a story. So learning to construct good narratives and build game strategies is essential.

Tech + Tools

Our proprietary online learning management system gives students a structured yet flexible learning environment. You’ll receive continuous collaboration and consistent communication from RMCAD’s online faculty, who are also practicing industry professionals. Essential classroom tools for Game Art students are a solid grasp of computer technology and a vivid imagination. Your stylus will become an extension of your hand as you learn to explore the depths of your creativity.


Game Art Careers

When you graduate with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from RMCAD’s Online Game Art Program, you won’t have limited career options. RMCAD graduates are making their mark in the industry and launching careers as modelers, designers, and artists. 

And we’ll be there for you after graduation to help you find your path to success with a network of industry contacts that believe in the talent an RMCAD graduate brings to the table.

Potential Career Paths

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Student Work + Success

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Game Art Faculty

There’s no better way to learn than from like-minded individuals who have been there. Our online faculty instructors have a wealth of experience and imagination to share and are always ready to support your journey to your virtual future.

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