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Music Production


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Video: Learn Music Production at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
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Music connects us all. The art of creating, sharing, and performing it is a powerful tool to transform and reflect our human experience. Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design is here to turn your passion for music into an inspiring and sustainable career, where you’re not just learning techniques to create music, you’re also learning why that music matters and becomes meaningful to listeners.

Program Overview

The Online Music Production BFA Program is designed to help you build a strong, relevant portfolio that demonstrates your mastery of musical knowledge, technology skills and business principles. A portfolio that allows you to leverage your creativity and skill set towards the exciting future you envision!

At RMCAD, we cultivate artists, not industry technicians. Cultural awareness and critical thinking is integral to program, not supplementary. Our goal is to open ears to a much broader diversity of styles, global music, and underground experimentation. We foster students who don’t just use their tools, but actively grow and develop them.

Music producers working with giant soundboards
Music producer recording a song on a guitar, surrounded by equalizer and audio editing software elements.

Program Highlights

Music Theory + Composition

Digital Production Technologies

Music Business + Ethics

Audio Engineering

Sound Design

Emerging Technologies

Credits pie chart for the online Music Production Bachelor of Fine Arts course. 57 credits in music production, 42 credits in liberal arts, and 24 credits in music foundations for a total of 123 credits.

Degree Requirements

RMCAD’s Online Music Production BFA Program incorporates the diverse technical, cultural and creative elements of today’s music industry, and weaves them together to provide students with the skill sets they need to reshape tomorrow’s music and multimedia production industries. The curriculum teaches students about music theory, composition, audio engineering, aural humanities, and music business.

Tech + Tools

RMCAD’s Music Production BFA Program features a STEAM-oriented (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) approach that is future-focused and empowers students with the knowledge, technical skills and cultural perspectives necessary to pursue long-lasting careers across the spectrum of the music and multimedia industries. The curriculum also prioritizes the development of musical creativity, while simultaneously focusing on teaching the practical business skills, ethics and emerging technologies required to navigate a constantly evolving industry. To help students grow even further, RMCAD’s Rocky Mountain Sound Lab is available and serves as a studio for students to get hands-on experiences with today’s music production technology and equipment.

Required Equipment

Students in RMCAD’s online Music Production BFA Program will be charged a one-time mandatory equipment fee of $2,400.00 in their first academic year. Below is the provided equipment.

Music studio equipment includes:

  • Over-ear, closed-back studio headphones
    • Audio Technica MH50x
  • Dynamic Microphone
    • Shure SM 57
  • Medium/Large Diaphragm Condensor Microphone
    • Audio Technica 4040
  • High quality, 2-channel USB digital audio interface
    • Solid State Logic 2+
  • MIDI keyboard controller
    • Komplete Kontrol A49
  • 10-foot XLR microphone cable
  • Microphone stand

Music software includes:

  • Ableton Live Suite
  • Avid ProTools
  • Logic Pro (Mac only)
  • Reaper
  • Dorico (notation software)
  • Spotify Premium
Pair of yellow headphones

Music Production Careers

Graduates of RMCAD’s Music Production program have so many exciting career options to choose from: 

Let's Design Your Future NOW

Stories @ RMCAD

Music Production Faculty

Few things inspire humanity more than music. RMCAD’s music production instructors are more than inspired by music. They’re deeply committed musical professionals, dedicated to sharing their passion and industry expertise to help you achieve your dreams and find your unique voice as an artist.

Music Production Events

Join us as we explore new horizons, new technologies and exciting new trends in the music industry.

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