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A fine arts student holding a pail full of paint brushes, surrounded by elements representing other RMCAD programs, including a laptop, a microphone, and a long piece of silk fabric.


Work in Progress

Whether you are an online or on-campus student, RMCAD strives to provide you with tools that support your needs, creativity, and personal growth. From creating an inviting campus atmosphere, learning spaces and systems to events, galleries, and exhibitions. We are committed to your artistic and personal development.

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For additional information and to learn even more about our programs, please reach out to an admissions representative and request information here.

Oh, the things you will learn

Meet The Creative Engine

If you have been on campus recently, you’ve probably noticed RMCAD’s new addition – a fire truck. Yes, you read that right, RMCAD is excited to welcome a fire truck

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Work Study

Work studies provide part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money. The program has employment opportunities within the community as well as on campus. Work study positions tend to be related to a student’s course of study.

Students at Orientation at RMCAD
A young man doing paperwork for financial aid for college


Graduates of RMCAD’s BFA degree programs may audit (attend without grade or credit) most current course offerings (online or on campus) within their original degree program with no cost for tuition.

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