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The Wandering Pixel

The Wandering Pixel is a mobile creative studio dedicated to inspiring students through creativity, art, and design. The workshop on wheels has several interactive stations for students to experiment with the latest immersive technology and create their own art! 

We are providing students with the unique experience of a day in the life of a RMCAD student.

The Wandering Pixel is on tour and our schedule is filling up! If you would like us to stop by your school or event, please fill out the form below.

Please fill out the form below to schedule a visit for the Wandering Pixel. 

Photo of the Wandering Pixel mobile creative studio on the RMCAD campus.

Wandering Pixel Workshops

The Wandering Pixel Workshops shows artists just like you the fun, simple ways of making creative content using various technologies. In these workshops, RMCAD staff and faculty family break down their creative approach from start to finish. In these workshops, we are providing you the content we use in each one so you can follow along!

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