31. The Blank Screen (ft. Ash Hopkins)

Ash Hopkins is a Senior UX / UI Designer at IHS Markit. After graduating from RMCAD in 2014 with a degree in Graphic Design, she started her career freelancing before […]

30. Biscuits or Cornbread? (ft. Jack Ludlam)

Jack Ludlam is a photographer who utilizes both analog and digital mediums. His work (mostly still-life) use a hyper-realistic aesthetic to highlight unique details and flaws. Sharing a wealth of […]

29. Part Two: I Plan Zero (ft. Greg Ellis)

It’s part two of our first two-part episode! Our guest is Greg Ellis (AKA Lazer Shark, AKA The Phoebus Cartel), a creative production and lighting designer who has worked with […]

27. We’re Both Bens (ft. Ben Alderman)

Ben Alderman, also known as Lin Wen-Ben, is a process-based artist, painter, and RMCAD Alumni. Born in Taiwan and adopted to US parents at twelve, Ben’s work is heavily influenced […]

26. Are There Free Chips? (ft. Wesley Hall)

Wesley Hall is a designer, illustrator, cardboard creature creator, webcomic author, and animator. He’s also a master of e-mail marketing, working as a CRM Technical Producer at Smile Direct Club. […]

24. It Is the Stuff of Legend (ft. Carolyn Malachi)

Carolyn Malachi is a Grammy Award-Nominated performing artist, sound engineer, and educator. She’s living her dream in the music industry during a pivotal moment, and she educated us about advocacy, […]

23. I’m An Artist, Bro (ft. Nathan Brown)

How did a skater kid grow his own experiential marketing business, start a festival with Yelawolf, and leave the entertainment industry to make a living as a muralist? Primarily painting […]