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31. The Blank Screen (ft. Ash Hopkins)

Ash Hopkins is a Senior UX / UI Designer at IHS Markit. After graduating from RMCAD in 2014 with a degree in Graphic Design, she started her career freelancing before finding her current position. Ash talked to us about making

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30. Biscuits or Cornbread? (ft. Jack Ludlam)

Jack Ludlam is a photographer who utilizes both analog and digital mediums. His work (mostly still-life) use a hyper-realistic aesthetic to highlight unique details and flaws. Sharing a wealth of information on every part of the process, from techniques to

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29. Part Two: I Plan Zero (ft. Greg Ellis)

It’s part two of our first two-part episode! Our guest is Greg Ellis (AKA Lazer Shark, AKA The Phoebus Cartel), a creative production and lighting designer who has worked with a variety of performing artists including Pretty Lights, Steve Aoki,

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27. We’re Both Bens (ft. Ben Alderman)

Ben Alderman, also known as Lin Wen-Ben, is a process-based artist, painter, and RMCAD Alumni. Born in Taiwan and adopted to US parents at twelve, Ben’s work is heavily influenced by dual experiences with Eastern and Western influences. We talk

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26. Are There Free Chips? (ft. Wesley Hall)

Wesley Hall is a designer, illustrator, cardboard creature creator, webcomic author, and animator. He’s also a master of e-mail marketing, working as a CRM Technical Producer at Smile Direct Club. On top of that, he also helped shape our new

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23. I’m An Artist, Bro (ft. Nathan Brown)

How did a skater kid grow his own experiential marketing business, start a festival with Yelawolf, and leave the entertainment industry to make a living as a muralist? Primarily painting large scale public art, Nathan Brown has produced over 40

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