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RMCAD Faculty

jon ickes

Jonathan Ickes, AS, BFA

Jon Ickes is an artist, animator, and educator from Salt Lake City, Utah. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation with a focus in 3D Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). While in school, he also discovered his passion in 2D animation, and has worked in that medium predominantly ever since. Jon has worked in his industry for five years as a freelance artist, working on various projects, assisting businesses with official branding, creating high quality commissioned paintings, and starting his own business, Jon Ickes Studio LLC.

Course Credentialing

2D/3D Animation Thesis I, 2D/3D Animation Thesis II, 2D Computer Animation I, 3D Computer Animation Motion Series, 3D Computer Fundamentals, Advanced 3D Computer Motion Studies, Advanced Character Animation + Motion Studies, Animation Layout + Production Design, Character Animation + Motion Studies.

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