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mike mckenzie

Mike McKenzie, MA, MS

Mike McKenzie is a 3D Animation and Game Art professor at RMCAD. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation and a Master of Science in Game Design and Production at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. After graduation, he spent the next three years as a freelance artist and contractor, working for companies such as Disney and Universal Studios. Many of his contracts were for production and design in corporate departments including Disney Design Group, Disney Resource Center, and Universal Studios IT.
Mike began his teaching career in 2013 when he became both an adjunct professor for RMCAD and a counselor/curriculum writer for iD Tech Camps. In 2016 he became a full-time instructor and content creator for RMCAD’s 3D Animation and Game Art online departments. He continues to teach and tutor part-time most summers for iD Tech.
In addition to 3D art and design, he is also a published author, musician, and 2D artist.
You can learn more about Mike and view some of his work here.
Course Credentialing
3D Character & Production Design, 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies, 3D Computer Fundamentals, 3D Modeling, Advanced 3D Computer Motion Studies, Character Rigging ,Game Animation + Motion Capture.

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