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RMCAD Faculty

sean brown

Sean Brown, MFA, MA

I am a technical artist. I can create the image on paper, build the computer with which I then use to create the 3D model. Then off to texture mapping and rigging which precedes my true love, animation. At heart, I am a problem solver who just happens to be an artist as well. Let me tell ya, it is a beautiful combination. My career began with a portrait commission I received because of where I was working, a picture framing shop in the early 90’s. I switched to 3D a few years later and since then I have worked on a broad spectrum of projects. From commercials to architectural visualization, product development, game development, and mobile app development, as a Tech artist I usually meander between problems to solve.


Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:
Time as a Game Art Mechanic, Collapsing Time Lecture Series, RMCAD, August, 31, 2017
Course Credentialing
3D Character & Production Design 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies 3D Computer Fundamentals 3D Modeling Advanced 3D Computer Motion Studies Advanced 3D Computer Topics Animation Sound Design + Video Editing Character Animation + Motion Studies Creative Visualization Drawing & Acting for Animation Game Animation + Motion Capture History of International Animation Tools + Techniques of Contemporary Animation.

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