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theresa clowes

Theresa Clowes, MFA

Theresa Clowes holds a B.F.A. from Kansas City Art Institute and an M.F.A from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Prior to RMCAD, Theresa was a Senior Instructor at Colorado Academy for 10 years. In addition to teaching, she is a professional artist who has been exploring the properties of textiles for more than 20 years.
Theresa believes that being an artist does not stray far from being a teacher; they both come from the heart and soul. Her artwork incorporates juxtapositions: textiles and architecture, ephemeral fabric and discarded objects, and translucency and opaqueness. She has been a Resident Artist for the past two years at RedLine Arts in Denver and her work has been exhibited locally at RedLine, Ice Cube Gallery, Vertigo Art Space and Edge Gallery, and nationally in Kansas City, Detroit, Houston, Aspen, and Portland, Oregon.

Across Boundaries

Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:
Organized the 2017 JeffCo Art Teachers professional development at RMCAD. Faculty from JeffCo visited the campus for a day to learn and discuss new teaching methodologies and art practitioners to incorporate into their own classrooms.
Course Credentials:
Art Education Sophomore Portfolio Review, Introduction to Art Education, Philosophy of Art + Education, Psychology of Creativity, Instructional Technology, Art Education Junior Portfolio Review, Equity in Learning, Critical Issues in Art Education, Methods of Art Education, K-12 Part I, Methods of Art Education, K-12 Part II, Art Education Senior Portfolio Review, Classroom Management, Student Teaching: Elementary, Student Teaching: Secondary, Student Teaching Seminar Part I, Student Teaching Seminar Part II.

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