Our guest in this episode is Naomi Clark, a game designer, writer, and professor at the NYU Game Center. We hosted Naomi as a visiting artist on our campus back in 2017, and we thought it would be a great time to check in with Naomi and see what she’s been up to.

We talk about the upcoming virtual release of her renowned card game Consentacle, and other topics including how the pandemic changed her own perspective on gaming, challenges in interspecies relationships, the good and evil of crowdfunding websites, animal crossing nostalgia, and how games can facilitate social change.

Artist Bio:

Naomi Clark has been designing and writing for video games for over twenty years, from construction games and toys for LEGO.com to workplace sitcom games, economic sims and educational games. She started designing non-digital games a few years ago, and the result was Consentacle, a two-player cooperative card game where an alien and a human seek communication, trust, and mutual pleasure. She teaches game design, user research methods and the history of independent roleplaying at the NYU Game Center, where she’s a professor. You can find Naomi’s writing about games in her textbook, A Game Design Vocabulary (co-authored with Anna Anthropy) and in collections like Queer Game Studies and Videogames for Humans. Her upcoming projects include a makeover of Android: Netrunner into a game of 19th century manners called Lacerunner and an unannounced roleplaying game, working title Herd Politics.

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