In this episode, our guest is RMCAD Illustration Alumnus and co-founder of multi-disciplinary creative studio NOVA NIMBUS, Anthony Benedetto. Anthony talks to us about growing and expanding your skills in new directions, loving animation, the Batman animated series, and the beauty of Portland. We also get his advice on the power of relationships, how collaboration fuels better work, and the importance of networking.

Artist Bio:

His father is a biologist, and his mother is a nurse, so it’s no surprise that his art reveals an appreciation of both nature and technology. It is actually this synergy that shapes Anthony’s view of art. If nature can be seen, experienced, and studied, then technology is what we produce from what we understand; the product of inspiration. Anthony approaches the arts much like a scientist would methodically plan and execute an experiment, or how an architect might conceive and design an intricate structure. He is a student of discipline and rejects the notion that the artist is lazy or messy or only motivated by fleeting inspiration. It is the symbiosis between discipline and inspiration that drives him. Anthony has been drawing all his life, always practicing, and always pushing himself, but he is also captivated by inspiration and caught up in the beauty in and all around us. This space between reality and fantasy is the balance achieved in Anthony’s work: the love of nature and technology, the modern and the antique, the studied and the intuitive. Anthony is an award-winning illustrator and designer working in a variety of mediums and genres, and has a BFA in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

About Remotely Creative:

We’re navigating the ins and outs of creative survival in a remote setting and answering your questions. You’ll hear from professional artists, designers, and a few wildcards about how to stay inspired and connected when working and living from home. Hosted by Robb Fladry, Dean of Students at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD).
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