Wesley Hall is a designer, illustrator, cardboard creature creator, webcomic author, and animator. He’s also a master of e-mail marketing, working as a CRM Technical Producer at Smile Direct Club. On top of that, he also helped shape our new Illustrative Design program. 

Starting with his post-collegiate work with AmeriCorps, we chatted about the multidisciplinary experiences that led him to where he is today. Between anecdotes, we get Wesley’s unique perspective on the weird world of e-mail marketing, pick sides in the battle of Google VS. Microsoft, and blame all of our problems on Carole Baskin.

Artist Bio:

My name is Wesley Hall, I am a designer, illustrator, cardboard creature creator, CRM Technical Producer, experimenter, and would be animator based out of Nashville, TN. Where I was born and raised.

I am a lover of problem solving. I love solving complex issues and problems with simple and elegant solutions, be them visual or technical. I love teaching others and helping to empower them in their work.


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